About Us

About Propane Warehouse

We are about meeting the needs of our customers with all things propane!

Being in the industry for over 40 years, Propane Warehouse has gotten to know the many different types of propane cylinders with propane tank fittings, adapters and connectors; propane valves, hoses, and regulators and other propane accessories that you may not know you need until your equipment isn’t working as it should.

We are a resource for all your propane accessories, as well as for questions and general information that is helpful for the proper use of your equipment.

We provide top-notch customer service with a lenient return policy to guarantee satisfaction.

Propane Warehouse is constantly trying to improve our product offerings to meet the many needs of our customers and to maintain our one-stop-shop purpose for your convenience.

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The Propane Warehouse Story

My name is Jerry Harris. I am the owner of Propane Warehouse. One semester in college I decided to help my dad’s propane business by driving a delivery truck for his propane store. While working within the store I noticed that customers were asking for propane accessories that we did not carry, and I was directing them to other sellers.

It soon become clear to me that I wanted to be the sole provider, a one stop-shop for all thing’s propane, heck why couldn’t we provide it?

I soon opened my own propane product selling business to pursue this vision. Initially the goal was to help the propane industry. The company’s desire was to sell all things related to propane on a local level that people needed but couldn’t find.

To increase the availability of the propane accessories and to meet the demands of products being requested from across the United States, we developed our online presence in 2004.

I have been in the propane industry for over 40 years and am constantly trying to improve our product base and offerings to suit the needs of our customers.

Thank you for viewing our site, we hope we have the chance to help you with your propane needs. Our service, employees, and extensive product line will always set us apart.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Jerry Harris, Owner
Email: propanewarehouse@gmail.com