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We Strive to Provide the Best in the Propane Industry, Including Safety & Knowledge

When working with flammable gases we make it a priority to provide the most information possible to inform our customers of proper, safe handling out of care and concern for their utmost well-being.

We always stress to have a professionally qualified technician to perform any propane installation and do not condone DIY propane projects.

Provided on this page are links to informative videos and informational worksheets to help you choose the best propane products for your needs and to employ appropriate safety practices with propane equipment.

Remember, propane fuels the fun for camping and RV’ing, barbecues, outdoor activities, and other equipment used for work and play as well as to safely provide heat for buildings – we want to keep these activities enjoyable and productive for our customers.

Please take some time to read through the following information about propane products to protect yourself, family and others.

Helpful Information and Videos

The information and videos provided are for informative purposes only. All work must be done by qualified installers only.

If You Smell Propane

Learn more about the safety precautions you should take with your propane tank to protect yourself and others in the event of a propane gas leak.

LP Gas Properties and Facts

It is important to know all the facts for each propane tank and its identified use. The properties of the tank and appliance will help identify the best propane accessories for best efficiency.

LP Gas Regulator Information

Learn more about the benefits of the mandated second-stage regulator for propane tanks connected to appliances.

Propane Gas Pipe/Line Sizing Chart

Read the benefits of Copper and Polyethylene tubing and understand the best size pipe for your appliance needs.

Proper Location of LP Tank Installations

Safety protocols are key for a new gas cylinder install. Take a look through this guide to see what your installer will recommend for placement.

Proper Storage of Propane Tanks

There are many regulations and codes to abide by with LP gas tanks. Review this info and stay in accordance with code.

Informative Links

Easy access to important organizations who provide educational pieces, safety procedures, regulations and codes for proper propane handling.

Video – Basics of Propane

Propane is a flammable and combustible substance; get to know the gas you are working with for safety and knowledge!

Video – Regulator Basics

Regulators play an important role in the proper function of your propane tank and appliances, learn more about them in this video.