How much fuel is in my LP tank?

The most accurate way to determine how much propane is in your BBQ tank, is to start by weighing the tank using a bathroom scale or whatever’s handy. To begin, find the tare weight (TW), this is the empty weight of the tank, usually stamped on the tank’s collar or handle, e.g TW 17.3. Then, weigh the tank and deduct the empty weight from the total weight to find out how much gas is in the tank. BBQ tanks hold 20 lbs of gas. The empty weight of a tank is about 17 lbs so a full tank would way about 37 lbs. Here is a video showing how to do this;

The easiest method is to just pour warm water down the side of the tank and then feel for a temperature change. The area that feels cooler indicates the level of the propane inside. This trick works because of the physical properties of the fuel.

Click here for a tutorial on both of these methods.