OPD ACME Filling Adapter


The Marshall Excelsior ME569 is a filler coupling. One end of the fitting is a female 1 ¾ ACME fitting and is designed to connect to a propane tanks fill valve. The other end of the ME569 is a 1 5/16 ACME which is the same type of connection you find on a BBQ or OPD valve. This fitting will allow you to fill your propane tank through your fill valve with a propane filler hose that is designed to fill OPD valves. ME569 (Does not have POL threads)


OPD ACME Filling Adapter is OPD (1-5/16″ Male Acme) x 1-3/4″ Female Acme. The acme fitting is the standard filler valve size found on most RV’s and forklift tanks. If your local filling station only has the fitting to fill bbq tanks with the new opd valve, this fitting will allow them to fill a tank with a fill valve. Very handy when traveling. (Does not have POL threads)

INLET – 1 5/16 ACME (OPD)
OUTLET – 1 3/4 ACME (Fill Valve)