2,750,000 btu First Stage Regulator


MEGR-1622H-JGJ features an adjustment range from 9-12 PSIG (factory set @ 10 PSIG) stainless steel internal components fluorocarbon (FKM) seat discs molded lip fabric reinforced diaphragms and large aluminum precision machined orifice to minimize freeze ups while providing superior downstream regulation and maximum corrosion resistance against weather or contaminated gas. Has a large fabric reinforced diaphragm heavy duty wrench flats and a large 3/4” FNPT tapped drip lip vent to help prevent relief vent blockage. MEGR-1622H-JGJ


This First Stage Propane Regulator, supplies a flow rate of 2,750,000 btu’s. It is manufactured by Marshall Excelsior, a leader in the industry. MEGR-1622H-JGJ

Inlet – FPOL
Outlet – 3/4″ FNPT
BTU – 2,750,000
Pressure – 10 psi
MFG Part # – MEGR-1622H-JGJ