Adjustable Propane Regulator 1-100 psi


High Pressure Regulator for torches burners cooking units and other light duty commercial appliances. Easily adjust the pressure of this propane regulator with a hand wheel. MEGR-6120-100


Adjustable Propane Regulator 1-100 psi These regulators are used when higher pressure is called for by the manufacturer of your appliance. These are commonly used for home brewing, pavers, roofers, weed burners, crab pots, turkey fryers, etc. The larger adjustable regulators have a locking nut to maintain the pressure setting and and gauge ports (gauge not included). MEGR-6120-100

Inlet – 1/4″ FNPT
Outlet – 1/4″ FNPT
Mfg. Part # – MEGR-6120-100