10 Foot Camping Hose w/QCC


10 Foot Camping Hose 1″-20 x QCC – This is used to connect portable propane cylinders to camping stoves, lanterns, heaters, etc., that normally use disposable cylinders. The QCC fitting is suited for tanks up to 40 lbs that are outfitted with the OPD valve. I4TC120MCQCC


This 10 Foot Camping Hose w/QCC (1-5/16″ acme) provides you with a safe and convenient way to hook up portable high pressure appliances such as camp stoves lanterns and table top grills to large cylinders. One end of the hose is a QCC fitting (same type of conection you typically find on BBQ’s) which requires no wrench for tightening and fits all propane vapor cylinder valves 40lbs and smaller. The other end has a brass “disposable cylinder” fitting that swivels and easily attaches to your appliance.

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10 Feet


QCC (Type 1) Female 1-5/16" Acme



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