Small Low Pressure Propane Burner


Measures six inches in diameter. Venturi is tapped 1/4″ FNPT to accept orifice valve (included). Burner mounts using two cast legs with are drilled and tapped. The recommended pressure for this burner is 11″ WC.

Gas connection for this burner is 3/8″ male flare.


Small Low Pressure Propane Burner – This burner is a low pressure burner measuring 6″ in diameter, and has a venturi tapped to 1/4” FPT to accept orifice valve (included). The burner has threaded bottom mount and at 11” W.C. consumes 21,200 BTU/hr. This burner is commonly referred to as a fry burner and is ideal for all general cooking applications.

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3/8" Male Flare


21,200 @ 11" WC

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