Large Low Pressure Propane Burner


Measures ten inches in diameter for those larger applications. Venturi is tapped 1/4″ FNPT for orifice valve installation (included). Mounts using 4 lugs on perimeter of burner with are drilled and tapped. The recommended pressure usage for this burner is 11″ WC.

Gas connection is 3/8″ male flare.


Large Low Pressure Propane Burner – This is a low pressure burner that measures 10” in diameter and comes with a venturi tapped for 1/4” FPT for orifice valve installation (included). Burner mounts using four lugs on perimeter which are pre-drilled and tapped and at 11” W.C. consumes 56,500 BTU/hr. Often referred to as a banjo or jambalaya burner this burner is used in Cajun cooking and in home beer brewing.

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3/8" Male Flare


56,500 BTU/hr @ 11" WC

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