1″-20 x 3/8″ Male Flare


The ME491 from Marshall Excelsior is a camping style propane adapter. One end of the adapter is a 1�-20 which is the same type of fitting you find on a disposable 1 lb propane bottle (sometimes referred to as a Colman or Primus type fitting). The other end of the adapter is a 3/8� Male Flare. This fitting has a check valve it in not free flow. ME491


1″-20 x 3/8″ Male Flare has the same fitting that is on the disposable tanks, with a 3/8″ male flare. Great, hard to find part for that special project.

INLET – 1″-20 (Camping Style) Male

OUTLET – 3/8″ Male Flare



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