RV Fittings

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  • Extend-A-Stay RV Tee

    Extend-A-Stay RV Tee


    This fitting allows towable RV owners the choice of hooking up to a spare propane cylinder so they can stay where they want for as long as they want without having to periodically refill their propane tanks(s). This fitting also includes a Male “disposable cylinder” connection port for powering camp stoves lanterns and table top grills directly from the fuel supply of the RV. ME420

  • Fill Valve Adapter - Female POL x 1 3/4" Female ACME

    Fill Valve Adapter – Female POL x 1 3/4″ Female ACME


    This adapter allows for quick conversion from a POL connection to a fill valve connection. This is used for filling a tank through a fill valve when only a POL fill connection is available. ME568

  • RV Camping Adapter

    RV Camping Adapter


    This fitting easily allows you to run a camp stove lantern or table top grill directly from your propane supply on your RV. ME415